About Me


Hello, My name is Alric! I’m a Wedding Photographer in Cape Town with a passion to photograph people and the moments filled with love.

I have broken my website into 3 main categories.

Wedding Photography, Fashion photography and Social Photography.

I have a strong passion for the creativity and I believe that I don’t take photos, I capture memories and creative images which my clients would love to have and share through the years.

I love sharing printed photographs with people, it is nice to share your favourite photographs on social media and receive 90 likes but the social wave is slowly fading away. Once I gifted a dear friend with two gifts, an expensive perfume and a framed photograph, I had taken of her. Her reaction to the photograph amazed me and the rest of the guests. I could not believe that out of every gift she had received that this framed photograph was the most loved gift. I still see the framed photograph hang on the wall in the entrance hall for everyone to see. It is for this reason that I no longer do photo shoots with only a disc.

In my free time, I work a normal Monday to Friday job. Enjoy being outdoors, walking the dogs, attending craft markets and just having fun with my wife and our two dog-children